Are you moving your office to a new service address?  By following the simple instructions below, we can make sure your communications are relocated smoothly throughout your transition.

Please follow these steps to ensure a smooth transition to your new location.

1. Contact Birch 

We ask that customer's contact us in the event of a move within 30 to 45 days prior to your expected move date.  You can call us at 1-888-772-4724.  

2. Coordinate Your Move with a Birch Move Coordinator

You will be contacted by a Birch Move Coordinator within 3 to 5 days after you place your original move request.  The Birch Move Coordinator will discuss the steps you can expect during your transition, as well as dates and customer requirements.

3. You will Coordinate the Phone Work and Wiring at the New Location

You will need to coordinate all Local Area Network (LAN) and phone work to be completed at your new location on the day of activation, including wiring of your LAN and relocation of your phone system (if applicable).  Birch is not responsible for your LAN or phone system, or any fees associated with moving them to the new location.

Important Notes:

Intent to Move. Please let us know about your intent to move 30 to 45 days prior to your anticipated relocation date. If you cannot provide this much notice, we will do our best to meet your move date, but it is not guaranteed.  The 30 to 45 day advanced notice is solely for your benefit. The physical circuit(s) required for your service is owned, installed, and maintained, by the primary telephone service provider for your region (AT&T, Verizon, CenturyLink, etc.). Once we place our request with one of these providers (ILECs), the ILEC will tell us when they will complete their install. In most cases, we can have your physical circuit(s) installed within 2 weeks. There are frequent occasions, however, whenever there are no services available for the location you are moving to. The ILEC must design, engineer, build, and run the services to your location which can take the full 45 days, or possibly even longer. In rare instances, we are denied services at some locations due to the cost involved. We ask for the advanced notice so that you do not inadvertently commit your business to a firm move date which cannot be met due to circuit issues.

Move Date. Birch will work with you to determine the specific date and time to move your communication services. You must be present during the appointed time to ensure a smooth and timely transition.

New IP Addresses (if applicable). When you move, you may require a new range of public IP addresses. If so, you will receive your new IP addresses from your Birch Move Coordinator one business day prior to your move. Once you receive your new IPs, you will have two weeks to convert from your old IP range to your new IP range.

Local Calling Area. If you have voice services with Birch, in some instances, your relocation may place you in a new local calling area (rate center). Due to 911 routing regulations, you will have two options for transitioning your phone numbers:

  • You can choose to keep your existing phone numbers and forward any incoming calls to your new location. You will be charged a monthly fee for this service. 
  • Birch can provide you with new phone numbers. Upon request, Birch can arrange to put a Changed Number Announcement on your old telephone lines informing callers of your new number(s).

Updates to Publications. If you have voice services with Birch, and if your move places you in a new local calling area (rate center) and you choose to obtain new phone numbers, the numbers will be finalized on the day of activation. We advise that you refrain from updating any publications, advertising, or printed materials until your move is complete and your numbers are confirmed.

Birch IAD. If you have network or voice services with Birch, we will move the Integrated Access Device (IAD) from your current location to your new one as part of the move process. This service is covered by your move fee, but is separate from the cost of moving your phone or LAN equipment. Please contact your phone and LAN vendors directly to have them move your phone and LAN equipment.

Upgrading Your Service. If you are upgrading your service, you will be required to sign a new service agreement that replaces your original contract. Your Move Coordinator will take you through this process, if applicable.

LAN and Phone Wiring. If you have network or voice services with Birch, you are responsible for coordinating all LAN and Phone work at your sites, including the wiring of your LAN and relocation of your phone system for the date and time that your Birch move is scheduled.

Circuit Delivery Requirements.  You will be responsible for ensuring that the location you are moving to is ready for installation of the circuit(s), the Birch equipment (if applicable), and your own phone and data network. Please ensure that the following are ready prior to the circuit(s) delivery date. If you have questions regarding these, please check with your Birch Move Coordinator, your phone/data vendor, and/or building maintenance supervisor:
  • Your phone closet must have a dedicated 120 volt wall outlet that is properly grounded (#6 ground).
  • You have a conduit with pull string for pulling in the circuit(s) if your building requires it.
  • You have hung a 1/2" backboard in your phone closet with a 2'x3' or 3'x2' space available for Birch to install the smartjack and Birch equipment, if applicable.
  • You will need to ensure that someone is onsite the day of the ILEC circuit delivery to give access to the location to the ILEC technician.  If nobody is available to give them access, it will delay the circuit delivery and potentially the move date.