The steps below outline the process of migrating your MySQL database to your new account.

  1. Create a dump file of your existing database
  2. Copy your dump file from your original server to your new server with us
  3. Import your dump file into your new MySQL DB with us

Creating a Dump File

The first step is to export (create a copy) the current database. This can be accomplished by logging into your legacy account via SSH or using a web tool called phpMyAdmin. If you are not comfortable working in terminal, skip this step and proceed to Step B.

Step A

  1. Open your SSH client (Windows OS users can use Putty) and connect to your legacy hosting server.
  2. Once connected, run the following command (replace arguments with your database details):
    mysqldump -h [hostname] -u [username] -p [databasename] > [dump_file]


This will create a local backup of your database which will later be imported in your new account.

Step B

Users can also use web tool called phpMyAdmin to export their database.
  1. To access phpMyAdmin in your legacy account, log into your hosting control panel and navigate to MySQL manager.
  2. In the left pane, select the database which you wish to manage.
  3. In the right pane, click the Access icon.
  4. You will be redirected to the phpMyAdmin page, from which you can manage the selected database. More information about managing your database can be found here.

The following video will guide you through the process of creating the dump file in phpMyAdmin.

  1. In phpMyAdmin click the database you want to export on the left pane >
  2. Next, go to Export >
  3. Ensure export the entire database into SQL format >
  4. Click Go in the bottom right corner. You will be prompted to save the database dump on your PC.

Copy Your Dump File

At this point you should have obtained the dump of your database. It is now time to transfer the file to your new hosting account. If you used SSH to create the dump file of your database in the previous Step A, you should log into your new account and execute the following command (this will login to your original system and grab the file over): scp [user]@[legacy_hostname]:[dump_file] ./


You can also use your favorite FTP client to transfer the database dump file (f.e. FileZilla, WinSCP, & etc).

Import Your Dump File

The database dump file can be imported using either SSH or phpMyAdmin.

Step A

To import your database via SSH, you must first connect to your new server using your Master User (Windows OS users can use Putty) and connect to your database (the MySQL servers will not accept external connections). The command to import a local backup of your database is: mysql -h [hostname] -u [username] -p [databasename]


Step B

To import your database via phpMyAdmin, you should navigate to

  1. [SiteControl] >
  2. Go to Manage Services >
  3. Website >
  4. MySQL (under Added Functionality) >
  5. Click on Edit databases >
  6. Click on Administer

You will be redirected to the phpMyAdmin page.

  1. Go to Import:
  2. Then click on Browse, upload the dump of the MySQL database and
  3. Click Go: