Log into BirchConnect.com. Then, click on "My Billing".

The items on the My Billing main page include:

  • Profile: Includes your billing address, which will be used for all postal communications, including your monthly invoice (if applicable).  Also included is the main email address on your account, which will be used for all billing and marketing communications.  For any changes, simply click the ‘Edit’ button and make the appropriate change.
  • Billing Preferences: The Paperless Billing option indicates if you receive a paper bill (No), or have your invoice sent to you via email (Yes).  For any changes, simply click the ‘Edit’ button.  You can select between a paper invoice or an emailed invoice, change the email address designated to receive your invoice, or setup automatic payments for your bill to automatically be paid from your bank account.  
  • Security Settings: The Access Code is requested when calling into Birch Customer Care.  Click on the ‘Edit’ button to update this code, or create/update security questions and answers for identity verification.  
  • Billing: Your current balance will be provided, along with the date this payment is due.  Click on the ‘View Details’ button to review your invoice details, the ‘Make a Payment’ button to process a payment, or the ‘Payment History’ button to see your payment records.
  • Services: Based on the services you have with Birch, you can click on the various Services links to see such things as Long Distance usage and/or Toll Free usage, among other service related details.
  • Contact Us: Provides the Birch contact information and hours of operation.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: Click on the various links under this section for details on how to review your bill, to find out what the Birch mailing address is, and to learn how to make other service related changes to your account.

Billing – View Details

Click on the ‘View Details’ link inside the Billing section, and see the summary of charges.  From this screen you can also click ‘Invoice PDF’ to pull the full invoice service details.  You can also click into Long Distance, Toll Free and Wireless Usage details.