Description: Call Return, also known as Automatic Callback or Automatic Recall, allows you to place a call to the last telephone call received, whether you know the number or not.  If the return call is to a long distance number, toll charges will apply.

To Activate:

  • Dial *69  (Dial 1169 if from a rotary or dial pulse phone)
  • Listen for the ring.  
    • If the line is not busy, the line will ring like normal.  
    • If the line is busy, you will hear an announcement.  The Call Return feature will then automatically place the call once every minute for up to 30 minutes in an attempt to complete the call.  If the line becomes free, you will hear a special ring on your phone. Pickup the receiver, and the number you were calling will start to ring.  If you don't pickup the receiver, the special ring will repeat every 5 minutes for the remainder of the 30 minute call attempts, provided the line remains free.  

To Deactivate:

  • Dial *89  (Dial 1189 if from a rotary or dial pulse phone)

Reasons Call Return will not work:

  • The number you are trying to call back is not in a Call Return serviceable area.
  • The network is currently overloaded and cannot complete the call. 
  • The number you are trying to call back has an activated Call Forwarding feature.
  • Call Block overrides Call Return.  You cannot use Call Return to return the call to a number on your Call Screening List.