Description: Call Trace enables you to initiate a trace of the last call received.  This feature is usually intended to trace malicious or abusive calls.  The Call Trace feature may not work if both you and the caller are located in Central Offices that support this feature.

To Activate:

  • After hanging up the call, pick the receiver and listen for dial tone.
  • Dial *57  (Dial 1157 if from a rotary or pulse dial phone)

(Please Note: If you receive another call before you dial *57, the Call Trace will not trace the original call.)

  • Listen for the confirmation announcement.  The message you will receive should state "Your call has been traced.  If you wish to investigate further, contact your telephone company Annoyance Call Center with date and time of trace."
  • After hearing the message, you can contact Birch at 1-877-772-4724 to reach the Birch Security Issue and Resolution Center.


  • You will NOT be provided with the traced phone number.  This number will be released only to law enforcement agencies involved.
  • You can use Call Trace each time you receive a malicious or abusive call.

  • Call Trace will trace a call back to a payphone/coin telephone.
  • Call Trace will only work if you and the caller are in Central Offices that support this feature.